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"In my art, the essential aspect is to discover joy and delight at every stage of the creative process, and that is what I convey and aspire to teach: the celebration of life and its immortalization in an everlasting work." Vanessa Velib, (b. 1994, Queretaro, Mexico), is an abstract contemporary painter with a passion for the unconventional. She explores the realms of abstract expressionism, live art performances, site-specific murals, and collaborative creations, weaving her unique visual language into a tapestry of color, brightness, and depth. From an early age, Vanessa's fascination with painting, cinema, and television set her on a path to artistic exploration. After spending a decade in San Antonio, Texas, she embarked on a two-year artistic journey, studying under various mentors. Her insatiable curiosity then led her to Miami, Florida, where she pursued performing arts education in prestigious institutions. It was here that she first stepped into the world of gallery and art fair exhibitions, gradually forging connections with teachers, gallerists, and influential collectors who enriched her understanding of the art world. Vanessa's artistic endeavors have graced galleries and renowned art fairs such as Art Miami during Art Basel for two consecutive years, Art Dallas, Art Expo New York, Art Expo San Diego and more. Her creations have found homes in several museums in her native Mexico and have been collected by art enthusiasts around the world, from the United States to France, Italy, Dubai, and beyond. Vanessa has earned recognition and awards, including the esteemed "Best International Exhibitor Award" at Artexpo Dallas. Her artistry revolves around creating spaces that invite boundless self-expression, both for herself and those who encounter her work. Vanessa's vibrant and profound art is deeply personal and was born from solitary exploration during her first decade as a full-time artist. Vanessa is an advocate for motivating and teaching others to express themselves through art, often using art therapy and dance as powerful tools. Vanessa's multi-sensory art performances are a testament to her unique approach to art. She invites her collectors to be active participants in the creation of their own paintings, fostering a profound connection between the artist, the collector, and the art itself. Inspired by Mark Rothko's words, "A painting is not a picture of an experience; it is an experience," Vanessa believes that art is a journey from inception to creation. She invites her audience to be part of the artistic process, creating a holistic and shared art experience. Her art is an invitation to a magical world of joy, fun, and living from happiness, accessible to all who enter these portals. She is a celebrant of creativity and life, merging the worlds of visual and theatrical language into a profound and engaging artistic expression. Vanessa Velib's work is a testament to the enduring celebration of life, a portal to a world where joy and delight abound, and a vibrant testament to the human spirit. STATEMENT Vanessa Velib's art is a vibrant journey into transformation and a profound connection with nature. Through bold brushstrokes and pronounced contours, she masterfully creates an intricate dance of shapes and colors that stand independently significant. In each composition, Velib captures the urgency and fluidity of evolution, embracing the very essence of artistic expression. Her work transcends predetermined notions, blurring the distinctions between figure and background. The canvas becomes a dynamic space where every element interlaces without restraint. Influenced by the ethos of "action painting," Velib adeptly incorporates objects, resembling entities engaged in perpetual transformation. This interplay of forms and colors, evolving in a rhythmic dance, invites viewers to engage in the dynamic narrative of artistic evolution. Vanessa Velib's art is a captivating exploration that transcends the canvas, offering a visual journey through the vibrant dance of change and artistic expression. Each piece becomes a unique testament to the transformative power of creativity.



2024 - The palm beach show - palm beach FL. 2024 - Intersect - Palm Springs CA. 2022- Art Miami art fair - Miami FL. 2022- Artexpo Dallas - Dallas TX. 2022- The other art fair - Dallas TX. 2022- Flux zone gallery - Mexico 2021- Art Miami art fair - Miami FL. 2021- Flux zone gallery - Mexico 2021- Pablo Goebel gallery - Mexico 2021- MAQRO - Museo de arte de Queretaro - Mexico 2021 - Museo sacro de Queretaro - Mexico 2020–Museo de arte Mexiquense torres bicentenario - Toluca, Mex 2020- MAQRO - Museo de arte de Queretaro - Mexico 2020- Flux zone gallery - Mexico 2019- NDSM Werf - Amsterdam NL. 2019- ArtExpo New York - New York City 2019- Ferrari dealership- San Antonio TX. 2018- Art point Polanco - Mexico 2017- Red dot art fair - Miami FL. 2017- Spectrum art fair - Miami FL. 2017- Ferrari kid charity auction - San Antonio TX. 2017- Artexpo New York - New York City. 2017- Ceart communication - Spain 2017- House of arts gallery - Jupiter FL. 2016- House of arts gallery - Jupiter FL. 2016- Spectrum Miami - Miami FL. 2016 -World fashion parade - New York City. 2016 - Spanish gallery - New York City. 2016- Castelatto Wynwood - Miami FL. 2016- Art San Diego Art fair - San Diego CA. 2015- Miami River Convention Center -Miami FL 2015- Miami international Biennale Art-Miami FL 2014 - UNAM art gallery -San Antonio TX. 2013 - Hyatt convention center - Dallas TX. 2012 - UNAM art gallery - San Antonio TX.

Art Performances

Vanessa Velib & Allen Hulsey live DJ set + Art performance

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